Darren Flanagan                  

Saturday 3 September


On the 25th April 2006 Australia and the rest of the World were stunned to hear about a major mine collapse in Beaconsfield Tasmania. At 5.45pm on the 30th April, rescue workers discovered that Todd Russell and Brant Webb were still alive. What followed was an incredible coordination effort by dozens of rescue workers who were now focused on getting the miners out. Sitting at home watching this unfold was explosive expert Darren Flanagan.  That Sunday night Darren received a phone call that would change his life forever.

So began one of the most amazing rescue attempts in history.


This presentation will be riveting and is not to be missed – Darren will give you the facts on how Webb and Russell survived this ordeal and the aftermath for him and other miners after the event.  6.30pm for a 7.00pm start.


Bookings close:  11.30pm Friday 2nd September

Partners are welcome to attend and must also book.  A request for a donation at the door will be invited to benefit a local charity.

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Most Horrific 30 hours




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